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G-BIb Final

Today we had the final of the G-bib competition at the Henkel headquarters in Düsseldorf! It was the last hurdle for this team, but what an amazing year and experience it was! 


INgenieus Zomerkamp

One of the goals of Innovived is sharing our interest and knowledge with the future generation engineers and scientists. During the engineering summerschool by Sporty at KU Leuven Campus Groep T we were able to teach these children the secrets about 3D printing and make them comfortable with Tinkercad. Hopefully they can enjoy the little treat we made for them and we hope to see them in the future in our team.



Our first tests with the new filament

Our first test of the cigarette butts pellets turning into 3D-print filament


Advanced Engineering Expo

The last two days, Innovived vzw was showing their new material for 3D printers to the public at Advanced Engineering Expo. Many visitors were interested and genuinely impressed about our new technology.

Many thanks to the people of Easyfairs who organised this amazing event and let us be a part of it! See you next year!



Innovators in action Commscope

Yesterday, we were present at the "Local Innovators in Action" event of our partner CommScope. The visitors had the unique opportunity to check the progress we made on our in-house developed extrusion line. We received a lot of great feedback and we will use that to further improve our extruder! 


More Job and info fairs and Recruitment

We visited the Jobfair of KU Leuven Campus Bruges and had a stand during the info fair of KU Leuven Campus Groep T. We are also in full recruitment mode! We had a stand at the Atrium of KU Leuven Campus Groep T to share our experiences with interested students.


Our Extruder is Alive!

We did the first run of our house-developped extrusion machine. Now we can improve its performance!


Rapid Pro Expo

We visited RapidPro, one of the biggest exhibitions concerning 3D-printing in the Benelux. Big thanks to our partner Flam3d to provide a shuttle bus to RapidPro


Job and information Fairs

Busy week for the team! Last week we visited the Job Fair of Technolgycampus Gent, the verder studeer beurs of KU Leuven and the visitors day of KU Leuven Faculty of Engineering Technology - Group T Leuven Campus.


Entrepreneursday Groep T

We had a successful day at the Entrepreneursday of KU Leuven Campus Groep T. We were able to raise the interest of students in our team, expand our network and create new business relations. Nice work of whole the team!


Promotion Movie

After a lot of work, it is finally here! Allow us to present: the promotion movie of Innovived! Big thanks to Szymon Fiedorek from Benyfik, who made this amazing promotion movie.


Christmas Dinner 

Christmas was arriving and is there a better way to celebrate that togother with your amazing team and great food?


Night of Chemistry and Life Sciences - Commscope open site day

Busy week we had! Monday we were present at Night of Chemistry and Life Sciences at KU Leuven Campus Groep T and saturday we organised a STEM-activity at the open-site day of our partner Commschope


Aftermovie Dag van de Wetenschap

Check out our amazing experience during Dag van de Wetenschap in our aftermovie!


Dag van de wetenschap

What a great experience we had at Dag van de Wetenschp! Seeing all the children being fascinated by 3D-printing and our self-made toys was an unforgettable experience!


Prototyping 2018

Today we visited Prototyping in Kortrijk, one of the biggest expositions on 3D printing in the Benelux. We discovered a lot of advancements concerning 3D-printing and met many interesting people.


Meet The teams event

Yesterday, we joined forces with all the teams of Technovation Hub to organize the event 'Meet the Teams', and it was a great success!


Meet the New Team

We proudly present the new Innovived-team of 2018-2019. It is a great mix of engineers form different fields. We are excited to further develop this project and take it to new heights!


network and innovation night

On the fifth of June Technovation Hub organised its very first network and innovation night together with the postgraduate teams. Read more about the succes that were made that night on


Meet our teams

While enjoying a refreshing drink, interested students were able to get to know each of the postgraduate teams better and find out what their future at Innovived might hold.


We moved!

Thanks to CommScope -our new partner in crime- we moved to brand new offices at Kessel-lo. It is truly refreshing to have all this workspace at our disposal, making it possible to go even further than before.



Together with our new partner KU Leuven research & development we hope that we can advance our impact on people's live around the globe.


poster session

During our mid-term evaluation we were able to proudly present our current progress.



Innovived handed out hot chocolate to its fellow students and informed them about their possible carreer at Innovived.


Team building

No better teambuilding activity than  sharing stories over dinner and a "friendly" game of lasershooting. 


Installation of the Second extrusion head 

By installing a second extrusion head, we can print different colours simultaneously from now on.


First goal reached !

In this video we printed our team name with our self-made 3D printer for the first time.